Thursday, March 8, 2018

New Editor is in beta

We're very excited to announce that a new version of the content (page) editor is currently in beta and accessible to all who wish to use it. This has been in the works for a long time!  Here are some of the highlights:

  • Internet Explorer Compatibility. Recent versions of IE were incompatible with the old editor. The new version corrects this bug.
  • Resizable. The old editor had a fixed size. The new editor opens at a with used by the vast majority of pages and a height that is appropriate for the screen size being used. The editor can be enlarged olt the maximum with of a site together page sna can also be shrunk to simulate mobile browsing.
  • Improved rendering. The old editor have a few inconsistencies with the color of HTML links and other minor issues. These have been fixed.
  • Improved Styles. The old editor intentionally had minimal styling options to keep the look of pages consistent across the site. Unfortunately some needs were not being met with this approach causing individuals to create unique formatting that made for an inconsistent look.  There are a multitude of new formatting options available including:
    • 5 font-size options (upgraded from 3)
    • 3 Cachet font options (regular, semibold, bold)
    • 5 "Big Button" styles for calling out important links
    • Easy access to all 16 YMCA band standard colors.
  • Drag and Drop. The old editor had minimal support for drag and drop. This is now supported for adding images and text wherever possible. (Some browser/OS combinations may not fully support drag and drop.)
  • Improved Spell Check. Spell check is now more consistent across browsers.
  • Improved Toolbars. The toolbar buttons have been rearranged (slightly) to work in more screen sizes and group functions more appropriately. The look of buttons have been updated to be more clean and colorful which should make it easier to use.
  • Improved HTML Formatting. The editor now smartly uses paragraph tags instead of  adding double hard returns. This generally better and makes applying styles easier and more consistent.