Friday, April 21, 2017

2017 Roadmap

SiteTogether continues to improve with new features and enhancements. Here's our roadmap for new features. We welcome all input about the system, what you'd like to see improved and what features you need:

Q2 2017 - Friendly URLs.
Right now a good portion of content is delivered though URLs with variable strings. Example: /schedule.cfm?class=115172. We plan to implement friendly URLs (URL rewriting) to make the site function via URLs that are formatted more like /schedule/YouthSwimLessons/

Q3 2017 - Upgrade of the Page Editor.
This is an upgrade of the code behind the WYSIWYG editor in the admin area. The current editor is several versions old. The upgrade is necessary for compatibility, security, and reliability.

The following new features are on the map but do not have a definite launch window:

Improved Reporting.
Up to the minute reporting of Info Requests by day and branch.

Sub-Navigation Sorting.
Ability to manage the order of links in sub navigation.

Page Versioning.
The ability to preview pages as you author and revert pages to previous versions.

Orphaned File Finder.
Find older PDFs and images that are no longer useful yet may still be indexed by search engines.

100% Responsive.
Right now the main site and mobile site are "Lightly Responsive" in that they are both built using Responsive web design but have fixed width limits. The main and mobile sites draw on the same source data, so eventually these two versions will become the same pages.

Site Search.
We believe that search is what gets used whe organization fails. However, there are times when it is faster when you need something specific.

Other pending new features are top secret. :)

Is one of these a high priority to you?  Is there something missing? Please leave a comment or reach out and let us know.