Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Cosmetic update and fix

Brand change is complete!

We're officially operating as SiteTogether! The name change to SiteTogether is now universally applied on all backends. There's no change in functionality with this update, but users will see the SiteTogether name and logo throughout the management area.

Class Display Fix

We also took this opportunity to make a tweak to the class listings in the management area. There has been a buildup of "junk formatting" in class descriptions as a result of copy/pasting from Microsoft products. A filter was incorporated to the front-end last year to preserve font appearance, but the junk code may have been causing problems on the backend as well. The problem appears to have affected IE 9 and lower browsers when viewing extraordinarily long class lists. To solve this, a filter has been placed on class descriptions on the backend display and into the description add/update process. This should be a non-destructive way of fixing any sluggish performance or formatting issues.